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Lade Veranstaltungen

In this congress, you will learn about:

  • Parenting with presence for more strength, ease and joy as mum or dad (or any other caregiver)
  • Neuroscience, natural resources & biohacking for better health and consistent habits
  • Playing, communicating & connecting with your child for a fun, loving and deeper relationship
  • Alternative options for learning, schooling, education and how to decide what is best for your child
  • What it means to be a child today and in the future – the challenges, opportunities and blessings
  • How to keep up or develop a sparkling and loving relationship with a full parental-work schedule
  • Smart ways to help yourself and your child to cope well with stress, anxiety and problems
  • How to honour and celebrate yourself as the best mum or dad ever for your child
  • The bigger picture of family constellations: effects and impacts across generations

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