A jumpstart to your SlowSex Practice: a coaching for couples


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Discover how to make love in a soul-nourishing way

In this SlowSex Intro Coaching we introduce you to SlowSex.

In order to provide maximum clarity we agreed with Diana Richardson (author of the book and the movie „Slow Sex”) that we are inspired by Diana Richardson, but not authorized to teach her original Making Love Retreat. 

SlowSex enables you to have a relationship where …

  • you have a fulfilling and nourishing sexual connection to your partner
  • you enjoy your body in natural flow
  • you have an easy way of connecting sexually
  • you build up your magnetic attraction towards each other
  • you make love as long as you like
  • you can be intimate and close at any time you choose
  • you don’t have to wait for the “right moment” to initiate sex
  • you don’t play the game of pursue and withdraw
  • you don’t fight over sex
  • you do not have to perform or please your partner
  • your sex strengthens your committed relationship
  • and much much more …

“ A jumpstart to your SlowSex Practice: a coaching for couples”

The coaching will provide: A complete starter kit for you to experience the benefits of SlowSex in your relationship. We will address your personal questions and possible problems in a coaching-like frame and you will benefit from the exclusive setting of personal coaching as a couple.

The full coaching can be done via Skype by Yella and includes a 1,5h recorded Intro talk. Price is per hour of coaching.

What you will receive:

  • A SlowSex step-by-step guide that you can follow for weeks afterwards.
  • Learn the 10 most common challenges and how to overcome them.
  • We address your resistance, hesitation and mental roadblocks that prevent you from having the experience you desire.
  • We will help you to drop expectations, comparisons and ideas that you might have about SlowSex.
  • We will show you exactly what to do for homework on the first day. The next day you can share experiences and have the opportunity to ask questions about what happened for you. We will dive deeper into SlowSex practices.

Additionally there will be space where Samuel will talk with the man, and Yella will talk with the woman.

Hear about our personal story in this video:


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