Welcome to LoveBase™ !

LoveBase™ is a sex-positive, body-friendly space, in which we create a loving and safe atmosphere. We are currently transitioning from a workhsop driven place to an online sex school. You can find some videos already in the German Blog, more to come in the second half of 2014.

Practical, clear and down-to-earth Sex Education - free from porno clichés, kitsch and incense sticks!

LoveBase - from a workshop center to an online sex school

yella cremer 02c clipped rev 5-1502012 the LoveBase™ started out as a heart-based and holistic space where people could learn about love and sexuality, whilst being practical, clear and down-to-earth - free from porno clichés, kitsch and incense sticks!

We created a loving and respectful atmosphere in which our participants experience the potential of love and sexuality in its most positive sense. In all of our events certain house rules apply - such as „touch requires permission“ and "Yes, means Yes, No means No". These choices are always respected!

Currently Yella Cremer, the founder of the LoveBase, focuses on writing books, quick references and record videos and a DVD.

She slowly turns this website into an online Sex school and will offer more English spoken books, courses and videos in the future. Stay tuned!

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Yellas first English book is published!

I am so excited and happy! My first English book came out on May 14th!

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The g-spot quick reference is out!

The G-SPOT MASSAGE QUICK REFERENCE offers an illustrated short summary of the essential G-spot massage techniques and is a valuable inspiration for every lover. Working with the quick reference is a fun way to deepen your understanding of the G-spot. The quick reference has a high-quality lamination that makes it hard-wearing, ideal for versatile use during massaging or love-making.

Available on Amazon.com

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